Trans-Cargo Symbiosis of the TMS system provider and the carrier



Client profile : Trans-Cargo Group

  • Country: Poland
  • Fleet size: 160 vehicles
  • Industry: transport
  • Operating area: Europe
  • With frameLOGIC since: 2015


Issue analysis

Trans-Cargo Group frome Oleśnica, near Wrocław is a family company, run by brothers Jacek and Grzegorz Trojanowicz. Their trucking set-ups consisting of jumbo trailers (120m³ volume) drive across the western Europe goods relatively light compared to their size. For 5 years, the company has used frameLOGIC Transport Management System (TMS) which helped them streamlined work processes. Before frameLOGIC, Trans-Cargo Group used only simple track and trace solution.
A few years ago our fleet grew very dynamically. Every month we ordered new trucks, up to 160 we have already. In the last 3 years our fleet doubled! Such a dynamic growth and necessity to keep under control both, vehicles an drivers, made us think about serious IT solution – says Grzegorz Trojanowicz, co-owner of Trans-Cargo Group. – Now we can easily manage orders, cargos and we have proper controlling tool for trucks and drivers. No more papers, everything’s digital.

Flexibility and openness

The need to move all company’s procedures into IT system was very clear since 2011, but it takes a few years to find a proper partner for such a venture. The owners met several recognizable vendors on the Polish market.
None of them offered exactly what we imagined. The key factor, which landed frameLOGIC the contract was flexibility of their platform. When we have a requirement, they are able to deliver. It’s not us who have to adjust to the system frames. frameLOGIC adjusts to our needs. The firm is always open for new ideas, they were even willing to develop their system with our practical guidance – comments Grzegorz Trojanowicz. – System consists of several modules modified or custom made for us, e.g. invoicing or merchant limits. So, one can see there is a symbiosis which fuels growth of both entities.
Better and better system helps Trans-Cargo Group develop faster and gives them market advantage. On the other hand, vast experience, real-life tips and close cooperation of the haulier enhance the frameLOGIC. One of the best examples is tunneling (corridoring) module. A dispatcher creates a “tunnel” which is a very specific path for driver to follow on the road. Then, it is sent to driver's onboard device, 1:1, so he knows exactly which road to drive.
For us it was critical component, no pen on the paper until it had been done – mentions Grzegorz Trojanowicz. – This way frameLOGIC became then, in 2014, the only telematics company in Poland to offer such a thing.

Whole firm at hand

It took 7 months from the first meeting with frameLOGIC representatives to start of TMS implementation. Step by step, next groups of employees were involved into system and today all of them use frameLOGIC, including HR and Finance Dept. The implementation was big upheaval in people’s work routine.
In the beginning there was some kind of resistance, but we knew we had to go on. They just needed to get used to it. Now, it’s 5th year clocking and the system is one of the most widely used tools across company. – says Grzegorz Trojanowicz – With frameLOGIC I really have an outlook on all our transports, from order to cash. In real time we can see status of every cargo, from loading to unloading. I know exactly how the communication goes between dispatchers and drivers. There is no room for quarells, everything is saved and archived. We have more transparent cash flow and finance situation. Even debt collection got better.
According to Grzegorz Trojanwicz, implemented IT solution definitely improved operation of the whole firm. It is now better organized, managed and controlled, while processes run smoothly. If someone makes a mistake, it is easy to find it, understand the reason and correct it quickly.

Source: Transport Manager, no. 34 / Author: Marek Loos

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